Introduction to Counselling

At certain points in your life, talking with someone who you can trust is really important, and counselling can be just the opportunity you need to do this.

Counselling is the gradual building up of a trusting relationship with a skilled professional who can help you explore whatever it is that is distressing you; it might be anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, ways of thinking or patterns of behaviour.

The quality and outcome of counselling depends on this relationship and not necessarily the type of counselling practiced; talking to someone in a trusting and confidential setting can really make a difference.

Many of our counsellors use a psychodynamic approach, others have trained as person centred therapists and some work integratively and are trained to use several approaches. Our assessment team will assist you to find a counsellor who will match your requirements and work most effectively with you.

If you want to work in a specific way and not sure if we can offer that service, please talk to our admin staff and/or Clinical Lead so that we can signpost you to an appropriate practitioner.