Making a donation

WCTC is a registered charity and needs donations to keep this vital service to the community going.

Clients are charged for counselling according to what they can afford.  This leaves a shortfall in our annual running costs which is made up by donations, both large and small.

Please consider donating.  However small your gift, it will make a difference. And remember, that if you pay tax in the UK, we may be able to claim tax back on your donation.  This Gift Aid scheme can add 25p to every £1 donated.  

You can make a donation below through VIRGIN MONEY or TOTAL GIVING. Total Giving is 100% FREE and we receive 100% of the money donated or by sending it to our offices, but please let us know if we can claim Gift Aid and we will send / email you a form to complete.

Fundraise for us using Virgin Money Giving